Marine Cabin Lights 12V

12V RV Trailer Marine Interior Lamp

12V RV Trailer Marine Interior Lamp
12V RV Trailer Marine Interior Lamp
Material : Stainless steel with nylon housing
Product Name : Interior Halogen Downlight
Application : RV, Caravan, Yacht, Marine, Motorhome
Function : D 100 mm
Color : Sliver
Place or Origin : Taiwan
Packging : Customize
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Marine cabin lights 12V are crafted with durable stainless steel and nylon casing to suit a variety of applications including campervans, caravans, yachts, boats and motorcycles. The 100mm diameter ensures widespread and effective illumination, while the streamlined silver color adds beauty to your environment while ensuring visibility and safety in a variety of environments. Originating from Taiwan, we uphold the brand's consistent high production standards. For those looking for 12V cabin lights, our products can enhance your lighting experience and ensure they fit your unique needs. Let our cabin lights illuminate your journey.


Minimum Order Quantity : 2000
Payment Method : T/T

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