12V LED Interior Trailer Lights & Trailer Interior Light

12V RV Interior Halogen Downlight

12V RV Interior Halogen Downlight
12V RV Interior Halogen Downlight
Material : Nylon (PA6)
Product Name : Interior Halogen Downlight
Application : RV, Caravan, Yacht, Marine, Motorhome
Function : 12V 10W Halogen Globe. Supply Wires Cover with 2 pcs of Male Disconnector
Color : Chrome
Place or Origin : Taiwan
Packging : Customize
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Our 12V LED interior trailer lights and trailer interior lights are specially designed for motorhomes, caravans, yachts, boats and campervans. Made from high-quality nylon (PA6) material, these lamps not only enhance their aesthetics but also ensure durability in a variety of environments. At the heart of our innovation is a powerful 12V 10W halogen bulb that emits a soft glow, turning your mobile space into a cozy haven. For ease of installation and maintenance, we thoughtfully include conductors with 2 male connectors, reflecting our user-friendly design philosophy.


Minimum Order Quantity : 2000
Payment Method : T/T

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