Trailer Lights and Reflectors

Safety Reflex Reflective Plastic Reflector

Safety Reflex Reflective Plastic Reflector
Safety Reflex Reflective Plastic Reflector
Use On : Trailer / Motorcycle / Truck / etc
Material : Acrylic Lens / ABS base / Self Adhesive
Product Name : Self Adhesive Rectangle Reflex Reflector with a Fixing hole
Function : Reflector
Resitance : Water resistant (Ultra sonic welding)
Size : 80 x 8 mm
Color : Red / Amber / Clear
Place or Origin : Taiwan
Packaging : standard packaging / small box / customize
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Trailer lights and reflectors are designed to improve the overall safety of vehicles on the road. Trailer lights serve as beacons on the road, providing the necessary illumination to improve visibility, especially in low-light conditions. Combining the power of the light with strategically positioned reflectors ensures 360-degree visibility, making the trailer and vehicle more visible to other motorists. In conjunction with trailer lights, reflectors play an important role in optimizing visibility. Reflective panels are strategically placed to capture and reflect ambient light, ensuring optimal visibility even in adverse conditions. The reflective technology used in our products ensures your vehicle remains visible on the road, preventing accidents.


Minimum Order Quantity : 2000
Payment Method : T/T
Product Lead Time : 30 to 45 days
Shipping Port : Taiwan
Production Capacity : 5000 PCS / day
Product Packaging : standard packaging / small box / customized

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