4 Pin Trailer Wiring Harness Kit

Australia Trailer Adaptor

Australia Trailer Adaptor
Australia Trailer Adaptor
Use On : Trailer / Cararvan
Material : Nylon (PA6)
Product Name : 12V Australia Type Trailer Adaptor
Application : Trailer / Cararvan
Function : 4 Cores Of 3mm2,2 Cores Of 5mm2 ,1 Earth Core Of 8mm2 250mm Short Tails. Fitted With Heavy Duty Metal Plugs
Color : Black
Market : Australia
Place or Origin : Taiwan
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This kit is tailor-made for the Australian market and is constructed of nylon (PA6) to ensure durability and longevity. 4 pin trailer wiring harness kit for trailers and campers to meet your vehicle hookup needs. Focused on functionality, the kit contains 4 3mm2 core wires, 2 5mm2 core wires and 1 8mm2 ground wire, with short 250mm tail wires for easy installation. The heavy-duty metal plug included in the kit ensures a safe and secure connection. The wiring harness is finished in crisp black, which adds a touch of texture while maintaining a professional look. Our products originate from Taiwan and meet global standards.


Minimum Order Quantity : 2000
Tiered Pricing (e.g., 10-100 units, $100 per unit; 101-500 units, $97 per unit) : Prices in USD
Payment Method : T/T

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