7 Pin Round to 5 Pin Round Trailer Adapter

12V Australia Type Trailer Adaptor

12V Australia Type Trailer Adaptor
12V Australia Type Trailer Adaptor
Use On : Trailer / Cararvan
Material : Nylon (PA6)
Product Name : 12V Australia Type Trailer Adaptor
Application : Trailer / Cararvan
Function : 7 Pin Large Round to 5 Pin Large Round
Color : Black
Market : Australia
Place or Origin : Taiwan
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Our 7 pin round to 5 pin round trailer adapter uses superb engineering to ensure a reliable connection between your vehicle and trailer. Suitable for trailers and campers, these adapters are made from sturdy nylon (PA6). The 7-pin bullhead to 5-pin bullhead feature makes it versatile and can handle a variety of drag setups with ease. The glossy black finish not only adds a touch of style, but also highlights the adapter's durability in a variety of environmental conditions. This color choice is in line with the preferences of Australia's discerning market, which puts its trust in the performance and durability of these adapters.


Minimum Order Quantity : 2000
Tiered Pricing (e.g., 10-100 units, $100 per unit; 101-500 units, $97 per unit) : Prices in USD
Payment Method : T/T

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